What is vetren?

A location based veteran benefit app that helps you find, file and manage veteran benefits. Vetren uses algorithms to analyze answers to show you the best possible options. We also use your benefit profile to determine which offers — credit cards, loans, and other financial products – in conjuction with your benefits can help you the most. Vetren is based in San Diego, California. See how it works.

Why automated forms?

We use the automated forms to help us accurately understand and file the corresponding veteran forms needed. It allows us to help more veterans effeciently and effectively. It also allows veterans to file and manage benefits anywhere and anytime, on your own schedule.

Can i use vetren as an advisor?

Yes.  Vetren is an expert specifically in the field of veteran benefits, and our technology uses machine learning to constantly improve every day. Once enrolled in membership, Vetren can be used as your person benefit advisor with no strings attached and discounted hourly rates.

How much does it cost to use Vetren?

Vetren is free for all veterans and their families,  we encourage you to use it as resource and learn about your entitled  benefits and more. Our benefit guides are free tools we offer to veterans that help you easily, file and manage your veteran benefits. With the vetren pro membership we help file and manage all your veteran benefit paperwork. We ensure your paperwork is filled out properly and always up to date. Our flat monthly fee is transparent and communicated before any costs occur.

Who are my advisors?

Outside of the proprietary artificial intelligence, powering vetren, there is a team of highly-trained and experienced veteran benefit advisors. Rest assured all of advisors are veterans or veteran related based out of  our headquarters in San Diego, Ca.

Is Vetren available via phone call?

Not at the present moment. Vetren is only  available through messaging at this time, but look to add voice assistance in the near future..

Would you like to support our troops?

If your a local business and want to support our us veterans and their families, contact us today to see how you can work with vetren to support our troops.

Is my information secure?

Yes.   We take security here very serious.  All information associated with your account is not  shared to or available for public use. We have a multi-tiered approach to security, including IP restrictions, screen monitoring software, and the encryption of secure information. Read our boring terms & policy.

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